MDIA1002: What are my practices as a consumer of journalism? March 20, 2009

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As a Media in Communications and Journalism student, it should be expected that I drag my eyes over my subscribed Sydney Morning Herald from headline news to the comics and crossword puzzles every day, right? The truth is, I barely even look at the headlines, less to say reading the whole contents that would take me at least an hour. Possibly the reason why I am reluctant to read the SMH is because of my unfamiliarity with Sydney culture and politics (as I have spent most of my years elsewhere); and I find it hard to turn reading an actual local newspaper an habit.

Am I out of touch with what’s going on locally and in the world? I may be regarded as such, but I still read the news on Yahoo!7’s website every day, as it is my default homepage for my Internet browser. Also, due to the fact that I identify myself as being a Hongkonger more than a Sydneysider, I’m naturally interested in HK news. I tend to look for such news through HK-based online forums or visiting the HK Yahoo website. The place where I’m living also has Chinese satellite television so I would watch Chinese news on tv occasionally.

Very rarely would I use a dictionary (and I realised that the actual paperback Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary that I own was published in 2001) unless I needed a word definition in an essay. Otherwise I would just search in Merriam-Webster Online and use the dictionary and thesaurus there. Sometimes because of my limited vocabulary, I would think of the equivalent Chinese word and translate it in Google, seeing if I can get a possible English word that I could use; which signals that I really should expand my English vocabulary (and please do not imitate because online translators are extremely unreliable).

Seeing how I am writing this in the middle of the night before the deadline, I’m not particularly good at dealing with deadlines. I tend to submit my assignments on time, only at the expense of wracking my brain open and sacrificing my sleep. Being a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing, I like going with the flow and coming up with a good beginning in order to proceed, so that I can come up with a decent piece within a short period of time without drafting. Approaching deadlines do motivate me to get things done, and there is a much lower chance of procrastinating. You either complete it or you die (not in the literal sense).


Winnie Ho (z3292568)


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