MDIA1002: What are my practices as a consumer of journalism? March 20, 2009

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As a Media in Communications and Journalism student, it should be expected that I drag my eyes over my subscribed Sydney Morning Herald from headline news to the comics and crossword puzzles every day, right? The truth is, I barely even look at the headlines, less to say reading the whole contents that would take me at least an hour. Possibly the reason why I am reluctant to read the SMH is because of my unfamiliarity with Sydney culture and politics (as I have spent most of my years elsewhere); and I find it hard to turn reading an actual local newspaper an habit.

Am I out of touch with what’s going on locally and in the world? I may be regarded as such, but I still read the news on Yahoo!7’s website every day, as it is my default homepage for my Internet browser. Also, due to the fact that I identify myself as being a Hongkonger more than a Sydneysider, I’m naturally interested in HK news. I tend to look for such news through HK-based online forums or visiting the HK Yahoo website. The place where I’m living also has Chinese satellite television so I would watch Chinese news on tv occasionally.

Very rarely would I use a dictionary (and I realised that the actual paperback Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary that I own was published in 2001) unless I needed a word definition in an essay. Otherwise I would just search in Merriam-Webster Online and use the dictionary and thesaurus there. Sometimes because of my limited vocabulary, I would think of the equivalent Chinese word and translate it in Google, seeing if I can get a possible English word that I could use; which signals that I really should expand my English vocabulary (and please do not imitate because online translators are extremely unreliable).

Seeing how I am writing this in the middle of the night before the deadline, I’m not particularly good at dealing with deadlines. I tend to submit my assignments on time, only at the expense of wracking my brain open and sacrificing my sleep. Being a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing, I like going with the flow and coming up with a good beginning in order to proceed, so that I can come up with a decent piece within a short period of time without drafting. Approaching deadlines do motivate me to get things done, and there is a much lower chance of procrastinating. You either complete it or you die (not in the literal sense).


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The birth of a new blog March 13, 2009

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Welcome! I never imagined there would be a day for me to start up a blog here at WordPress has always seemed to me to be an elite and professional blogsite, where the point of discussion lies way beyond being just readable and having proper grammar and spelling: bloggers actually blog and discuss intellectually!

I have a personal blog at, which is a collection of my random thoughts and my interests, but I think it would good to maintain a ‘public’ blog where I can approach more fellow bloggers.

Keep a lookout for my upcoming posts and please give me feedback if possible.

Until next time,

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